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Alex Walzak, Walzak Media’s owner, director of photography, and video editor, is a video solutions professional and enthusiast, providing creative and technical services to help tell the story and promote the product, brand, service, and mission tailored to clients’ target audiences.

While creative solutions—and meeting clients’ needs—through the camera lens and in the edit is the trade, the most rewarding part of the process for Alex is the collaboration, maintaining existing relationships, building new relationships, and being personable with clients and their staff and associates.

Walzak Media provides video services to industries including—but not limited to: Industrial Manufacturing; Financial Services; Healthcare; Education; Food and Beverage; Sports and Recreation; Environmental and Municipality; Marketing & Communications

It’s promoting and it’s storytelling. And it’s all about you—your values, your mission, and your audience.

Industrial & Manufacturing

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MMSD – Protect Your Home & Our Water

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